A customized card collecting experience for kids and their parents.

How it works

You pick, we build, and it ships straight to your door each month. At Kid Cards Club, YOU are the coach. Pick your favorite sport, team, and player, and let us knock it out of the park! We custom build and ship the perfect box for you and your child based on your choices each month.

What's in the box?

  • Membership card tailored to your kid Preview
  • Age-appropriate Activity Sheet that keeps your child engaged and learning more about their sport Preview
  • 5 Fun Fact Cards that turn your kid from fan to expert Preview
  • Pack of new cards of selected sport
  • Pack of vintage cards of selected sport
  • Special card hand picked for your kid
  • Additional hand-selected cards of favorite team
  • 101 Smooth Sleeves® making it easier to store your cards
  • 5 Top Loaders to protect your cards
  • 3 card stands to display your favorite cards

Kid Cards Club member giveaway

Every month, we will randomly select a Kid Cards Club member to receive a special giveaway

May giveaway: 2021 Topps Baseball Series - 1 Jumbo Box

Must be officially signed up as a Kid Cards Club member to be entered into the giveaway. Email notification will be sent once confirmed.

Kid Cards Activity SheetOur goal is to create an engaging experience for the kid. Each month they will receive a different sheet with different fun activities.
Kid Cards Club FactsWe believe collecting should be fun and educational. In each box, your kid will receive Fact Cards that provide collecting tips and cool facts.
Kid Cards Membership CardEvery kid who signs up will receive an official membership card designed uniquely for them.