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Smooth Sleeves® : Innovative protective sleeve that makes it easy to protect your cards.  Learn More
Elevate Sports Cards: A business run by kids, for kids! A YouTube channel, website and blog about kid entrepreneurs and their adventures in business and the sports card hobby! Learn More
Kardz 4 Kidz: Kardz4Kidz is a non-profit with the simple goal to get cards into the hands of kids. Learn More

HITS! Sports Card Break Mats!

Opening packs has never been easier, safer and more organized; introducing the HITS! Sports Card Hobby Mat! Turn any flat surface into the ultimate pack opening station! We carefully designed the mat for both rookie and veteran hobbyists!

Learn More

1 of 1 Memorabilia Cards

1 of 1 Memorabilia Cards focuses on bringing you as close as possible to the authentic experience. Each card is handcrafted, designed, and made to the highest standard and quality to provide our customers with a unique experience.

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Kid Cards Club FactsWe believe collecting should be fun and educational. In each box, your kid will receive Fact Cards that provide collecting tips and cool facts.
Kid Cards Membership CardEvery kid who signs up will receive an official membership card designed uniquely for them.